First Peninsula Marine Business Sales & Acquisition Specialists

Advisory Services

Once the decision has been made to sell, to whatever timescales, instructing an agent, appointing professional advisors, determining an exit strategy and preparing the business for sale becomes the business owner’s essential priorities.

Good businesses well prepared will always sell for more money and on better terms than unloved mediocre businesses. So, as well as providing first class core agency services, First Peninsula Marine provides an integrated suite of advisory services and engages expert partners where necessary to ensure a business is looking at its very best.

Key planning, financial, operational and legal focus areas include:

Agency Services

In-depth advice to owners, directors and shareholders

Trade and investor intelligence backed appraisals

Confidential Business Transfers

Comprehensive marketing packages – Traditional and New Media

Multi channel capability – Private / Trade / MBI sectors

Transaction Management

Subscription services and Premium Buyer Membership

Target search and acquisition support

Commercial and Corporate Finance introductions

Exit Strategy Planning

What is my business worth?

When is the best time for me to exit?

What is the optimum exit option for my business?

Can minority partners or shareholders block my exit plans?

Can I plan to reduce the amount of tax I pay on exit?

What aspects of my business will reduce its value or make it harder to sell?

Who are the potential purchasers of my business?

What steps do I need to take to improve my business for sale?

Business Performance Consulting

General performance review


Business diagnostics reporting

Strategic and operational audits

Profit improvement and productivity analysis

Key goal setting and action plan support

Business Development

Legal Audit Service

The sale and purchase of a business can give raise to a number of legal issues. Queries regarding legal title, employee rights, the enforceability and assignment of business contracts for example. Taking advantage of a legal audit early in the planning stage will aid exit preparation and prevent unnecessary delays during the course of a transaction.